"The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof." -Barbara Kingsolver

I live inside hope. Everyday I walk barefoot inside her house and open doors and plop down in the rooms, big and small. Some days the walls are stark and close in on me and others, the rooms are filled with laughter, baking and close friends around the table. Living inside of hope isn't easy. Somedays the snakes get in and rats run along the rafters, the taps are dry.  But dwelling outside hope is useless, and where no good can come. Out there you'll get devoured, scorched and consumed by the lie. The lie says there is no use even trying. Hope says, "I have an idea."

I believe the key to eradicating poverty is job creation. Jobs are created by training and investing, and that is what we do. With your help we can partner together to offer month-long training courses and investment programs throughout Africa. I offer my skills and experience in creating social enterprises and vocational training to help NGOs and mission organisations create or grow their programs. We call it The Dream Gallery.



Teach a variety of courses from English, to healthcare, to money management, as needed within various vocational training programmes.


Social Enterprises

Create small businesses alongside the poor.



Offer small loans to rural women and coursework in financial planning and saving. 

Job creation is key to eradicating poverty.

Does your organisation want to start a social enterprise? Want to invest money, time or skills? Donations help start small businesses, buy supplies for coursework, sewing machines for a small business or airfare to get me there. A small investment yields a huge reward, creating a job for someone in desperate need.

The Dream Gallery is a vision birthed out of my time in Mozambique, where those simply living to survive far outnumbered the dreamers. Our gallery serves as training, small loans, a venue, a storefront and a way to display creations of dreamers around the globe. A retail space for the gallery is coming soon.